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Are you considering going? Your profession, your skills, your passions — it's you making disciples of the nations. Browse these options.

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What type of worker are you?

  • Job-Taker

    You’re an accountant. An engineer. A chef. You love Jesus and want to see the unreached come to know Him. You may not be a seminary graduate. But at your workplace, you rub shoulders every day with people who need Jesus.

    What if you took your work internationally? What if you kept your professional identity, but moved it to a place where very few people have heard the gospel?

    Job-takers — sometimes called tentmakers — work cross-culturally and have opportunities to build natural bridges in the workplace. Through their job, they have the chance to make disciples — often in countries where religious professionals can’t go. 

    A Better Way by Dale Losch“Whether God has called you to a career of politics, business, social work or any other vocation, realize this: God has called you. You serve Him best when you serve Him through the unique skills and passions He has given you.” (Dale Losch, A Better Way)
  • Job-Maker

    Are you wired as an entrepreneur? Do you dream about starting your own business? Or expanding your company internationally? God can use your dream in places where very few people have heard of Jesus.

    Job-makers launch businesses in unreached areas. By bringing economic growth and jobs, they add value to the community. Gallup chairman Jim Clifton has said it well: What the whole world wants is a good job. The same countries that have said No Missionaries Allowed are welcoming business development.

    When people see a business run on Kingdom principles, they notice. And doors open to share Jesus. Make jobs and make disciples — you can have impact among the least-reached.

    A Better Way by Dale Losch“The world is not closed to us if we are willing to change our means of engagement. In fact, in more and more cases, people are delighted to welcome us because of the tangible difference our lives bring to theirs.” (Dale Losch, A Better Way)
  • Vocational Religious Worker

    With all the talk about job-makers and job-takers, you may be wondering where you fit in. Is there a place for you with Crossworld? The answer is Yes!

    Pastors, Bible teachers, youth workers — you all are a vital part of what God is doing among the unreached. In many countries, like those in Western Europe, the door is still open for you. 

    We rejoice at how God has used vocational religious workers to bring His love to life. We want to keep sending you to places like that as long as that door remains open.

    Your training and experiences help make all of us more effective.

    A Better Way by Dale Losch“I do not question that God gave to the church apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. But why did he give them? He did so ‘for the equipping of the saints for the work of service …’ (Ephesians 4:12a).” (Dale Losch, A Better Way)


Take an international transfer with your company or find a job overseas, then live and love like Jesus among your coworkers.


By launching a business and hiring local employees, you'll get to set the example: ethical, sustainable business where Jesus is the focus.

Vocational Religious Workers

For you, disciple-making is more than your life; it’s also your job. On the schedule and on the fly, building relationships and making disciples.


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