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Precise motors. Castle ruins. Towering forests. The printing press. Soccer. Germany has many things to offer materially, but spiritually? That’s another story.

Big Picture

Germany’s troubled political past is well-known to all the world. Yet two World Wars and crippling national debt have not stopped Germany from rebounding to become a booming economy at the center of European trade and government.

But economic prosperity often comes with spiritual stagnancy. In this country where the modern Protestant church was birthed, there is now only a nominally Christian population. 

Your profession. Your mission.

Options abound in Germany:

  • Transfer your job with a multinational company and live out your faith in the workplace.
  • Teach at Black Forest Academy, a school for missionary kids. Join the multinational staff and create a safe place for quality, Christian education.
  • Work with the growing numbers of refugees and immigrants from unreached countries around the world.
  • Coach American football at a university or neighborhood league.
  • Involve yourself in community life and make disciples over the dinner table, at the market, or in the park.

Talk to us about how your profession can be your bridge to missions in Germany.

Professions Needed in This Location

American Football Coach
American Football Coach
American Football Coach, Central Asia, East Asia, France, Germany, Ireland, Romania, West Asia
Feeling the tension between football and faith? You don’t have to choose, because the football field is now your mission field.
See this profession.
Balkans, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Central Asia, Congo, Dominican Republic, East Asia, Germany, Haiti, Italy, Mexico, North Africa, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Education
“What the whole world wants is a good job,” wrote Gallup CEO Jim Clifton. And the key to a good job is a good education.
See this profession.
Mission Work
Mission Work
Balkans, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Congo, Ecuador, France, Germany, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Mission work
“All professions” doesn’t exclude you. “All professions” means all professions, including the religious profession!
See this profession.