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Make Design or Make a Difference?

by Crossworld
in Arts and Media, Blog, Disciple-making
Thoughts from a future marketplace worker.

When I was young, I loved to draw. I studied graphic design in college, then landed a job designing professionally after I graduated.

I loved my job. I believed in the mission of my company, and my day-to-day work fit my gifts and interests.

But I also felt conflicted. 

Was it okay to spend so much time doing something that had little impact for God’s kingdom? Was it a distraction from what He really wanted me to do? Could I be at peace creating art all day knowing people’s eternities were at stake?

My job is keeping me from the “front lines” of disciple-making, I decided. So I started an application with a mission agency to serve overseas. This way, I thought, I’ll be doing full-time Christian work, which will have eternal significance. 

But not far into the process, I started to feel a deep sense of uncertainty. When I shared this with my mentors at the mission agency, they advised me to take a step back. In fact, they asked me to wait at least a year before reapplying.

Now what? I thought. Wasn’t this what the Lord wanted me to do?

A few years passed, and I married a lovely woman who also desired to serve overseas. She had an idea: Why can’t our natural gifting, skills, and interests be the things the Lord uses for ministry in our lives?

The idea seems obvious in hindsight, but I had never considered it before. What if I didn’t have to choose between my love of design and my longing to serve the Lord?

As we began to dream about what that could look like, God provided a design opportunity for me at a large company with an international footprint. Suddenly, we stood before a world of possibilities.

Could it be that God was preparing a way for us to serve Him overseas — not as religious workers but as business professionals?

That’s the dream we’re pursuing. To transfer my job to one of the world’s least-reached marketplaces. To continue doing the work I love among coworkers who don’t know Him yet. To live and love like Jesus so that one day they might learn to do the same. 

Have you considered using your unique skills to make disciples among the least-reached? Come join this community and pursue this dream with us.

Read Part 2: Nicholas shares nine ways to integrate your faith at work.

Nicholas and his wife, Kayleigh, are preparing to move overseas as marketplace workers with Crossworld.

The people in this story are real, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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