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How to Become a Mission Worker With Crossworld

by Crossworld
in Blog, Mission work
Four steps to get from here to there

Do you dream about your future life overseas? When a foreign language will flow readily off your tongue? And locals you don’t know yet will be dear friends? And your gifts and skills will be a needed blessing to the least-reached around you?

That’s a dream worth pursuing! It may seem like a long way off, but we can help you get there … one step at a time.

Here’s what it looks like to become a mission worker with Crossworld. Go from where you are today to life and ministry overseas in these four steps.

1. Apply

Start your journey by connecting with a Crossworld mentor. Share your heart for ministry, talk through obstacles, and ask all your questions. Our mentors have been in your shoes, and they understand the challenges you’re facing. They’ll be your guide as you complete your online application, engage with your church, and begin your journey. Connect with a mentor right now.

2. Train

You may not know exactly what your cross-cultural life will entail, but you can bet it will be different than life here. Don’t worry — our seasoned professionals will teach you how to maintain holistic health in a new environment, learn cultures and languages, raise support, plan for crises, integrate faith and work, and of course, make disciples. You’ll get the best experience from our on-site training events in Kansas City, but if you can’t attend in person, we’ll still help you get the training you need from a distance.

3. Prepare

Based on what you learn from our training events and personal assessments, we’ll put together a personalized plan to prepare you for cross-cultural life. It might include a vision trip, spiritual and financial goals, professional development, strategy planning, or further training. A Crossworld coach will track with you to celebrate victories and keep you focused on the finish line.

4. Go

Take a deep breath. You’re ready! All that hard work pays off as you pack your bags and board the plane. Your Crossworld teammates will meet you on the ground in your new location where you can start living your dream.

Follow these four steps to launch your dream of making a difference among the least-reached. We’re with you every step of the way.

Take step #1 today: Connect with a mentor.

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