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gmi intro

Faith at work going global

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) isn’t just for clergy. It’s for every Jesus-follower. And the marketplace is just as sacred a venue for loving God and serving people as the church meeting place — because God’s people can be there as light and salt, reflecting Him in their work and relationships.

And as mission workers find doors of entry slamming closed in many countries, marketplace workers find them swinging open. Whether as employees working jobs or employers creating jobs, they can legitimately enter and make disciples by integrating their faith with their work.


Defined | Global Marketplace Impact (GMI) is a content service offered by Crossworld that casts vision for workplace professionals to impact the world with their skills. GMI is premised upon the integration of faith in all of life and focuses on the potential of disciple-making employees and employers.

Hosted by | Churches, agencies, organizations, universities and professional associations

Purpose | GMI seminars demonstrate that God’s plan for all nations to be reconciled to Him through Jesus has not changed. But what must change are our strategies. Businesspeople and other professionals are uniquely qualified to enter the countries closed to mission workers and live out kingdom values in the marketplace. As the gospel is incarnated through holistic service to others, doors open to make disciples of Jesus.

Scope | GMI seminars provide a general rationale for workplace ministry based upon a theology of work; they specifically address the opportunities and challenges of marketplace workers and provide an entry- to mid-level understanding of Business as Mission (BAM). Seminars offer practical knowledge about potential and logistics, along with case studies of real-time workplace disciple-makers today.

Format | As a host, you can select GMI content to fill a single session, a one-day workshop, a week-long seminar, or whatever suits your schedule. GMI content will be tailored to meet your needs and the event’s context (church leaders or laity, businesspersons’ luncheon, university classroom, conference symposium, etc.). Various combinations can be selected and each is adaptable from 60-90 minutes. Frequent Q&A at strategic intervals help attendees connect the use of their skills and professions to making disciples of Jesus.

Session Topics

Specific topics can be tailored to your audience. Here are some samples.

Sample sessions for general audience

  1. Theology of Work and Business as Mission (BAM)
  2. Cross-Cultural Impact on Business and Family
  3. Principles of Integration: How to Overlay a Mission Plan with a Business Plan
Sample sessions with business emphasis
  1. Determining a Business Opportunity in a Foreign Area
  2. Financial and Legal Issues for Overseas Business Start-Ups
  3. Pitfalls and Barriers: Economic, Political, Missiological, and Personal
Sample sessions with church emphasis
  1. Seven Things Every Mission Leader or Pastor Should Know About BAM
  2. How to Integrate a Marketplace Vision Into Your Agency or Church
  3. How a Marketplace Vision Invigorates Your Congregation

What Participants Say

  • You have changed the way I look at God’s call in my life in how I spread the gospel.

    — C, business student
  • Global Marketplace Impact was very encouraging. I’ve described it to others as a ‘business planting’ endeavor that promotes the gospel. I hope to stay in touch about how to encourage and promote this and related activities.

    — R, business owner
  • The mission pastor was very appreciative and positive about the Global Marketplace seminar. 

    — J, church-missions advocate
  • Slide 4

    Thank you for sharing your refreshing perspective. It is so true that as businesspeople we still need to answer the call to spread God’s Word with the world and in fact because of our occupation we have some unique opportunities. 

    — K, business professional
  • Slide 5

    It was great to hear from others that are ‘really doing it.’
  • Slide 6

    The rest of the church needs to hear this.
  • Thank you for painting a picture for living out our faith while also living and working in this foreign land. We never thought we’d ever be ‘foreign’ or ‘missionaries,’ yet here we are abroad and still called to know Christ and make Him known. It’s uncommon to view the workplace as a sacred field of service, and, as a man, my tendency is to compartmentalize and silo things. So your talks definitely challenged me. Thank you! 

    — S, an American expat working in Europe


John Spadafora is Director of Church Connections at Crossworld. Partnering with churches in Great Commission endeavors includes the provision of specialized services and coordination of events such as Next Steps, Pastors’ Forums and Global Marketplace Impact. As facilitator, John draws from a pool of marketplace experts to select the speakers best suited for each host’s event. John can discuss event options, explain details, and help schedule your preferred date for hosting Global Marketplace Impact in your area.
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