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If sending had a shape, what would it be? A triangle.

If sending had a shape, what would it be? A triangle.

Mirroring the three-fold relationship of the Trinity, the Sending Triangle shows a healthy and balanced way to partner in fulfilling the Great Commission given by Jesus, who said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19).

Jesus entrusted His disciple-making mandate to His church — the church is central in identifying, preparing, sending, and caring for cross-cultural workers. We want to come alongside your church, consulting with and resourcing you to cast global vision and engage your people in finishing the task. In addition to consultation, consider how we might serve you through these resources, events, and training.

Church Connections News

<i>Church Connections News</i>
Church Connections News (CCN) is a free monthly resource for pastors and church leaders who desire to stay connected with current church and mission realities. Read the current issue and browse the archives.
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These events will empower your church members to see their role in world missions with greater vision wherever they live — down the street or around the world.


Preparing Disciple-Makers

Preparing Disciple-Makers

Preparing Disciple-Makers

In addition to the three events above, your church can benefit from onsite training. Preparing Disciple-Makers (PDM) helps you journey with those in your church who are interested in cross-cultural ministry. PDM training consists of four 90-minute sessions held at your church:

  • Assessment  |  recognizing “call,” giftedness and readiness
  • Spiritual formation  |  designing a process “…until Christ is formed in you…”
  • Mentoring  |  personal, heart-to-heart discipleship
  • Ministry experience  |  laboratory for serving in community

What People Say About PDM

  • [Our church] really does desire to be much more proactive in our missions effort than simply ‘pay and pray.’ However, we recognized that we seriously lacked the experience to be fully effective. John’s training served to be invaluable…. We are now much better positioned to come alongside and help develop someone from our congregation who is sensing the Lord’s leading to go into the field of missions.

    — Ron Brucker, missions oversight elder at Fellowship Bible Church in Mullica Hill, N.J.
  • The training we received was gospel-centered, practical and motivational. John Spadafora did an excellent job of equipping lay leaders to mentor those who are interested in making disciples in a cross-cultural setting.

    — Jeff Burkholder, senior pastor of Community Bible Church in Marietta, Pa.
  • We are a young church seeking to be intentional in identifying, developing and deploying global disciple-makers. This training helped us work through the questions we were asking and ones we didn’t even know to ask!

    — Jared Chasteen, elder over global disciple-making at
    Cross Fellowship Church in Overland Park, Kan.

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    Our missions committee was at a loss as to how best work with our members who wanted to go and serve. The training provided resources and structure which were a great boost to get our own program formalized.

    — CJK, mission leader at Fellowship Bible Church
  • Slide 5

    A couple [in our church] approached our mission committee and … asked what they needed to do to prepare for [the mission field], but we didn’t have an established plan. We contacted John Spadafora, who helped us set up a plan to fit the needs of our church. If you are looking for a way to get starting training potential workers, contact John.

    — CPC

What about church planting?

With all this talk about disciple-making, you might be wondering what happened to the church in Crossworld’s vision. Let’s be absolutely clear: We are fully committed to the establishment of new churches.

Disciple-making and church planting are meant to be part of a seamless process. That's why Jesus told us to “go and make disciples” promising, “I will build my church.” Just as human cells multiply to form a new living being, when disciples multiply, they naturally form a body — a community of disciples called a church.

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Subscribe to CCN

Church Connections News (CCN) is a free monthly resource to stay connected with current church and mission realities. 
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Invite Dale

Invite Dale

President Dale Losch is a compelling speaker on the topics of disciple-making and the Great Commission.

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Coloring Book

Coloring Book

Sunday school? VBS? Help kids learn about making disciples with Every Job for Jesus. Available in English and Spanish!
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