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Haiti Hurricane Relief

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Project #50002

Hurricane Matthew, the strongest storm in the Caribbean in 10 years, hit Haiti on Oct. 4, 2016. Many people have lost everything.

Houses destroyed. Roads and bridges washed away. Gardens wiped out. Livestock killed. Many people were already malnourished and living in poverty. Now with their gardens and animals gone, they have nothing to eat. 

One of the Crossworld workers in Haiti shared what’s going through the minds of the Haitian people:

I lost everything: my house, my garden, my animals. Where am I going to live? My neighbor is as bad off as I am. How am I going to live today with no market to purchase food? How am I going to pay for food when I find it? The shortage means it will be very expensive. How did my extended family fare in the disaster? Communication is difficult, so I have no word from them. What will we do when disease hits? Where will my kids go to school since the school washed away, and how will I pay for it? I am so bad off, I need to look to others to help me. I can never repay them.

You can help people who have lost everything. The Crossworld team is working with our Haitian ministry partners to help meet needs on the ground.


Your gifts have already provided for immediate needs. Your ongoing gifts will enable long-term restoration.

Friends like you have made a difference for Haitians in crisis. But there is still much work to do. Long after relief work subsides, Haitians continue to fight for their families, their communities, and their futures. You can help.
  • Give to repair and rebuild houses, schools and churches.
  • Give to fix roads and bridges.
  • Give to employ locals to rebuild their community while earning an income.

In Their Words

Because of you, Crossworld’s Haitian ministry partners were able to help with emergency aid. Two of the most urgent needs after the hurricane were food and shelter. Families also needed seeds and tools to replant their gardens and feed themselves long term. Your generous support resulted in several high-impact food and seed distributions. Here’s how the recipients wanted to thank you.
  • Haitian woman receives food in hurricane relief effort.“I am so happy for this food. This is God’s intervention. I thank God for sending provisions through the church for a family of eight. Thank you to the donor! Be assured of my prayers.”
  • “Thank you for the seeds. This represents our hope for food in two months. May the living God send blessings on all the donors.”
  • “I am a widow. I have been attending this church for 30 years. Thank you Jesus for this big gift this morning. I am praying that God will pour His blessings upon you for this great gesture.”

You can give with confidence. Haiti is one of Crossworld’s longest-standing ministry areas. Because of close relationships with Haitian ministry partners, we are able to work effectively with the Haitian church to ensure that funds are used to benefit those in need. Crossworld is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, and we are members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. Our financial statements are independently audited every year, and copies are available upon request.
Photos courtesy of Tim Schandorff and Mission Aviation Fellowship.


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Hurricane Matthew
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