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Why You Shouldn’t Do Missions Alone

by Crossworld
in Blog, Mission work
3 benefits of joining the Crossworld community

The Great Commission is for every Jesus-follower, but it isn’t for individual Jesus-followers alone. That’s why God gave this mission to His church. The church is central in identifying, preparing, sending, and caring for disciple-makers around the world. But few churches have the capacity and experience to provide everything you’ll need. That’s where a mission agency like Crossworld comes in. We want to support your church as they send you to extend their ministry overseas.

Sure, we can process donations for your ministry, but that’s just the beginning. Need connections overseas? A strategic ministry plan? Help integrating your faith and work? In the world of cross-cultural disciple-making, just like in the church, no one should go it alone. That’s why we’ll have your back.

“Crossworld provides expertise in areas churches should never be expected to have. They have blessed our work by coming alongside of us to support rather than control.” — Mike, a pastor in Iowa

If you’re considering cross-cultural ministry, here are three ways you can benefit from joining the Crossworld community.

1. Training

We’re all about developing people. Before you cross any borders, we’ll pair you with mentors to set personal, ministry, and financial goals. You’ll also receive ongoing training in disciple-making, language skills, support-raising, cultural transitions, and more.

“One of the greatest benefits is the training that has been invested in us. It has equipped us in areas we never would have thought we needed.” — Carrie, working in Asia

2. Services

“I need to find a doctor who speaks English.” “How do I insure a car in this country?” “Our marriage is suffering and we need help!” We’re here to help you navigate the challenges of daily life overseas. From healthcare and education consulting to crisis management and culture shock, we’ve got you covered.

“After seven years serving overseas without Crossworld, we were disillusioned, hurting, and on the verge of walking away from our faith. But people at Crossworld befriended us, listened to our stories, and committed to walk beside our family. With their help, God transformed us.” — Dustin & Chloe, working in Thailand

3. Community

Experience told us this was true, and research confirmed it: Community is your #1 need on the field. A formative community shapes you and helps you find your sweet spot in a strategic vision bigger than yourself. We make each other better by committing to one another’s well-being. Besides, no one said disciple-making was going to be easy — we’re most effective when we worship, pray, problem solve, and grow together.

“Crossworld has helped us develop as disciple-makers and as people who can bring the gospel throughout the world.” — Ryan & Amy, working in the U.S.

Looking for your missions tribe? Come join our community.

The people in this article are real, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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