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by Crossworld
in Business and Management, Cambodia, Story, Urban ministry
A life-threatening situation puts Jesus’ mercy on display.
CAMBODIA — Jannel slumped back in her chair in Crossworld worker Soteria’s office. They had sat here six months earlier during Jannel’s onboarding at the factory. She had been so excited about her new job then, but now she portrayed a visible weariness.

Soteria put the work conversation on pause to address Jannel on a personal level.

“Everything okay?” Soteria asked.

“Things actually aren’t good — not at all,” Jannel began. “My aunt went missing in my village. Everyone thought she went to Singapore because she met a recruiter who promised good jobs and fair wages there. But for six months no one heard from her!”

Soteria leaned forward. “And now?”

“I finally heard from my aunt a few months ago. She’s alive but she’s somewhere in Malaysia! They tricked her and took her documents at the border. She’s been working all this time without pay and no contact with the outside world. I haven’t heard from her since, and now it’s been a year since she was taken.”

Jannel began to cry, and Soteria’s mind began to whirl.

This was why she was here: to fight for the underprivileged and show them Jesus’ love. It’s also why Soteria’s company exists — not only to provide good jobs and fair wages, but also to partner with justice organizations fighting human trafficking.

“I might know someone who can help,” Soteria said. “Can I share your story? And can I pray for you now?”

Jannel agreed to both offers of help, then left Soteria’s office.

Not long after that conversation, Jannel learned from the authorities that the trafficker had been arrested. And they were able to find her aunt! She returned home safely to Cambodia — albeit with no pay for the year she was gone.

“Thank you for helping to find my aunt,” Jannel said to Soteria one day at the factory after things had calmed down.

“You’re welcome,” Soteria said. “How do you feel about everything that’s happened?”

“I’m so glad my aunt is okay,” Jannel said. “But my biggest takeaway is that I never thought of asking Jesus for help with life. I see now that He cares for me and He heard our prayer. Now when I have a problem, I will pray to Jesus.”

Soteria would never have wished for this situation, but she marveled at how God could turn such sorrow into glory.

Your part in this story...

Crossworld worker Soteria asks you to pray for these requests.

  • Pray that Jannel will fully understand all Jesus has done for her.
  • Please pray that God gives me many more opportunities to share about Jesus through my attitude, words, and life with Jannel and all those like her.
The people in this story are real, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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