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The Surprising Words God Says in Calamity

by Dale Losch
in Blog, Current events, Dale Losch
What is God saying to the world through COVID-19?
God speaks through times of calamity — often in ways we might least expect Him to. 

Back in ancient times, God spoke to a man who had gone through a “COVID-like” crisis of his own. The crisis made him so sick he wanted to die. It took the lives of his 10 children. It wiped him out economically. And talk about social distancing — his best friends distanced themselves from his calamity, and even the beggars in town mocked him. His name, of course, was Job. 

Job’s personal crisis makes ours pale by comparison. None of us has yet lost 10 family members or been ruined economically.

What strikes me is how God chose to speak to Job in his calamity. God doesn’t point Job to His Word, His love, His mercy, or His past kindnesses. He doesn’t put forth an apologetic or reasoned explanation of what’s happened to him. He doesn’t invite him to a Bible study or small group. 

God simply points to His undisputed power and wisdom displayed in the created world: the earth, the seas, the sunrise, the springs in the ocean, light and darkness, snow and ice, lightning and thunder, rain, frost, constellations, clouds that hold water, lions, mountain goats, wild donkeys, wild oxen, ostriches, battle horses, hawks, behemoth, and leviathan. 

God concludes: “If you can match Me in greatness, then go right ahead and teach Me something.” 

By the time God had finished, Job felt so small and weak by comparison that he put a hand to his mouth and worshiped.

Could it be that God is using this COVID-19 calamity today to remind the world how small and powerless we really are?

Could it be that one of the best things to do for our unbelieving friends is to pray for their eyes to be lifted and their minds opened to the Creator God who has displayed His power in the world, and invite them to bow the knee in worship?

Dale LoschCrossworld President Dale Losch loves to motivate people to turn their God-given passion into life-giving impact. He models the life of a disciple-maker, which starts with beholding God’s glory. Hear more from Dale.

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