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The Inconceivable Reality of Gospel Inequality

by Mark Silvers
in Blog, Evangelism, Mark Silvers
What Coca-Cola does better than the church

Take a moment to list in your mind some things that are inconceivable to you about our world today.

Finished your list? Let’s compare.

Things like physical abuse, homelessness, and racism came immediately to mind for me. Perhaps your list also includes injustices like human trafficking or genocide. How do these still exist in our world today?

These inconceivable social ills demand the transformative power of the cross. They are worthy causes for our attention — indeed, for us to give our lives to.

Yet there’s another unthinkable reality that should top our lists, even above these.

It’s the fact that the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations has not been finished.

It is inconceivable that with our ease of travel and our limitless technology, there are still 3.02 billion people who have little or no access to the gospel.

It is inconceivable that with our Western wealth and our megachurches full of disciples, there are still 1.9 billion people who are unengaged with virtually no gospel presence.

It is inconceivable that Coca-Cola, a company pursuing “universal accessibility” (meaning anyone who wants to buy a Coke should have access to do so), has accomplished in just over 100 years what the Spirit-empowered Church has been unable to accomplish in 2,000 years. If the world needs universal access to Coke, how much more does it need universal access to Living Water?

This reality of gospel inequality should stare us in the face as unthinkable. As followers of Christ, we ought to be horrified that the final command of our Lord remains unfinished. As much as the social ills we listed above, and perhaps even more, this is worthy of our attention and worthy of our lives.

When Jesus first gave this command 2,000 years ago, He sent His Spirit to empower His people to obey it. All His people — from the fisherman to the politicians and everyone in between. He meant for His disciples from all walks of life to go to the ends of the earth and make the good news accessible to everyone.

Do you find gospel inequality inconceivable? We’re looking for disciple-makers from all professions to take Jesus’ Great Commission seriously and finish the task.

Talk to a Crossworld mentor and help make the gospel universally accessible.

Mark Silvers, Crossworld Director of MobilizationMark Silvers served with Crossworld in the Philippines for 10 years and joined the home office staff as Director of Mobilization in 2009. Mark’s driving passion is to reach the 3.02 billion people in the world today with no access to the gospel.

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