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Fighting Her Way Back to Jesus

Fighting Her Way Back to Jesus

SWEDEN — Carina felt alone from the beginning of her life. Adopted from another country, she never truly fit in her new home or her new family. Abused by her adopted father and brother, she never knew whom to trust.

Carina had suffered all she could handle by age 10, and she attempted suicide several times to end her pain. In her 20s, she turned to the LGBTQ community for comfort. She took on a new name, cut her hair short, and started dressing like a man.

That life, too, left Carina unsatisfied.

With nowhere else to turn, Carina reached out to Crossworld worker Kathleen for Christian counseling. The gospel breathed new life into Carina, and soon she put her trust in Jesus.

Though Kathleen never commented on Carina’s hair or clothing, she noticed subtle changes in Carina’s appearance. As Carina moved toward Christ, she also moved away from her former lifestyle.

Carina grew quickly in her faith until Kathleen left Sweden for a year in the U.S. They weren’t able to keep in touch, and when Kathleen arrived back in Sweden a year later, Carina had disappeared. Kathleen searched for days, only to find out Carina had turned her back on Jesus and returned to the LGBTQ community. Later Kathleen learned Carina had solidified her decision by undergoing a gender reassignment surgery and reverting to her male name.

Kathleen cried for three days and nights when she heard the news.

“Carina was more like a little sister than someone I was counseling,” Kathleen said. “This was the biggest sorrow I had ever experienced in my life and ministry.”

Carina cut off all ties, but Kathleen prayed desperately for her. She prayed and prayed and prayed. For 21 years.

Then, 21 years later, Kathleen received an email from a strange address.

“Do you remember me?” Carina wrote, using her real name again after shunning it all those years ago.

Kathleen could hardly believe it. Could it really be Carina?

“Of course I remember you!” Kathleen replied. “I never stopped praying for you.”

“I’m fighting my way back to Jesus,” Carina said.

Kathleen and Carina scheduled a time to get together. There was no awkwardness or bitterness to overcome — just the pure joy of a relationship restored after 21 years.

Carina told Kathleen she had her surgery reversed as much as medically possible. She also met with the psychologists and psychiatrists who encouraged her decision back then and testified to them that it was a mistake. Whenever she has the opportunity, she speaks boldly about what Jesus has done in her life.

“The situation is as good now as it was bad at the lowest point,” Kathleen said. “Our love, prayer, and compassion give God the opportunity to do amazing things. Nothing is too hard for the Lord.”

The people in this story are real, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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