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Even Politics?

by Crossworld
in Brazil, Disciple-making, Story
Gilma learns that no arena is off limits for God.
BRAZIL — Gilma’s dreams for the future didn’t exactly include politics. But a political life became reality when her husband was elected to the county council. Public meetings, elections, politicians. Gilma got to see it all … the good and the bad. Some of the things Gilma witnessed bothered her deeply, and she began to openly criticize the political system.

That is, until she attended a MICALI course (Ministério de Capacitação de Líderes Indígenas, or Indigenous Leaders Training Ministry) in her village.

“This week we’re studying the book of Acts,” said Crossworld worker Brian, who was leading the course.

As the narrative moved toward the apostle Paul, Gilma watched in surprise at how Paul faced the unjust political system of his day.

“He shows so much respect!” Gilma said. “Even when he’s falsely accused and imprisoned, he focuses on sharing the gospel instead of bringing about a political revolution.”

At the end of the MICALI course, the students shared what they learned through the week. Gilma listened to the other students, then stood up when it was her turn.

“My attitude has been so wrong,” she began. “God has placed leaders around me, and I need to pray for them. Maybe God even wants me to share the gospel with them, starting with my unbelieving husband.”

Gilma’s take-away from the course was quite different from the other students’, but so is her position in the community. The politicians in Gilma’s world need to see Jesus just as much as they did in Paul’s world. All those meetings and elections? Perhaps God has a plan in them.

Your part in this story...

Pray with Crossworld worker Brian for these requests.

  • Pray for Gilma and the other MICALI students to have courage to share their faith.
  • Pray for God to transform communities across Brazil through their witness.
  • Pray for safety traveling to upcoming MICALI courses. Some of the host villages are only accessible by airplane or canoe!.
The people in this story are real, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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