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Dreaming of Life

by Crossworld
in Child-student ministry, Salvation-baptism, Haiti, Healthcare, Story
Hope comes in many forms.

HAITI — It was their last resort. Kesnel and his mom (pictured above) showed up weary but determined at House of Hope, a Crossworld partner ministry for children with long-term medical needs.

At 14 years old, Kesnel was tall and lanky with a strong will to live, but not much hope of that coming true. Doctor after doctor had no diagnosis for Kesnel’s illness other than a stomach tumor — a virtual death sentence. Hospital after hospital couldn’t heal him, yet Kesnel’s mom persisted.

Many tests later, doctors at House of Hope proved the earlier diagnosis to be false; instead, Kesnel had tuberculosis in his stomach. After weeks of treatment there, he finally began to improve.

Kesnel’s mom now beams with joy when she sees her healthy son — her son who now has life instead of certain death.

But his physical body isn’t the only thing that has been healed since he arrived at House of Hope. During Easter week, Kesnel heard the story of Jesus, who came to die in his place, pay the punishment for his sins and make peace between God and man. Perhaps because he had been so close to death, the truth about Jesus resonated with Kesnel. He trusted Jesus as Lord and became a child of God.

Kesnel returned home with his mom in March 2015. Now he lives with a heart — and life — full of hope.

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