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Disciple-Making is Not a Spectator Sport

by Crossworld
in Blog, Church, Disciple-making
Reaching the least-reached will take all of God’s people and all of you.

Look around your church. Whom do you see? The pastor, of course. Maybe more than one. Probably some paid staff members. And volunteers. Lots of volunteers.

These individual believers in a healthy church aren’t identical. They’re diverse in their abilities as well as their occupations. The church roles in which they serve differ by authority, responsibility, and giftedness. But in one area they are the same: mission. Every believer in Christ is commanded to make disciples. No benchwarmers. No spectators. No exceptions.

Reaching the least-reached will take all of God’s people. 

Together, we are the body of Christ. That universal body is, like the human body, fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)! It’s formed not by just a few elite Western Christians, but by believers of all ages, races, cultures, giftings, and professions.

But around the fifth century, a false dichotomy crept in that put a handful of Christians on pedestals and the rest on the sidelines. The result? A sharp division between the sacred and the secular, contrary to God’s perfect design.

So what does it look like for a Jesus-follower today to step around that barrier? Living an integrated life means pursuing God’s mission on Sunday, Monday, and every day.

  • The man who comes early and stays late at every church service, taking care of the facilities and equipment? He works construction and shares a story of answered prayer with a coworker as they frame houses.
  • The woman who makes the Scriptures understandable and relevant to young moms in her small group? She’s a dentist who trains her staff to treat every patient with respect in honor to their Creator.
  • The couple whose home is always open to friends, guests, and strangers? They’re retired business owners with a reputation for compassion and wise counsel.

Imagine these same people moving to a place where no one has heard of Jesus. The gifts represented in your home church are needed in least-reached settings, too. In the daily course of doing their jobs and using their gifts, they make disciples. Sound familiar? That’s how the first-century church grew.

Reaching the least-reached will also take all of you.

Not just the time you spend in church on Sundays, and not just the skills you’ve honed from volunteer ministry. God has equipped you with those and so much more! Your personality, temperament, and spiritual gifts. Your upbringing, education, relationships, and home culture. Your hobbies that introduce you to new people. Your experiences that shape what you know about God. Your work that develops your résumé as well as your character.

God has given you those things for your enjoyment, yes, and also for His mission. His wherever, whenever, all-of-life mission.

Ready to engage in God’s mission? Talk to us.

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