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Brownie Points With God

by Crossworld
in Central Asia, Evangelism, Story
Vicky had heard that before ... but not what came next.
CENTRAL ASIA — There seemed to be nothing special about Crossworld worker Vicky’s visit. She and her friend Taara sat on the cushions drinking tea and talking about life while the kids played on the floor. Just like their usual visits every few days.

As Vicky stood up to leave, the friends traded a familiar conversation.

“You must have so many brownie points with God,” Taara gushed.

“No one can earn brownie points with Him,” Vicky said, just as she always did when Taara made this comment. “What sinner can ever do enough to face a holy God? No, I don’t believe in brownie points. Jesus paid the full price for my sin.”

Vicky continued to pack up her things until she heard a voice from across the room.

“She’s right! Jesus is more powerful than Noah … than Adam!” Taara’s teenage son Mateen piped into the conversation.

Vicky turned and stared at him in disbelief. In all their visits and conversations, this was a first.

When no one responded, Mateen continued. “Satan tried to tempt Jesus, but Jesus defeated Him and rose again from the tomb three days after they buried Him. He’s completely clean — the only sinless being.”

“How do you know this?” Vicky asked Mateen.

“You gave me a Bible a few months ago and I like to read it from time to time,” Mateen said with an embarrassed smile.

Taara and the rest of the family beamed at Mateen for knowing so much.

“Tell us more!” they said eagerly.

Mateen shared more of Jesus’ story with his family, while Vicky sat back down in the corner of the room and tried to take in what her eyes were seeing for the first time.

“Most people in your country don’t know this,” Vicky said when Mateen finished. “Do you believe it?”

“Of course!” Mateen said.

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe with your heart that He was raised from the dead, then you are saved,” Vicky quoted from Romans.

The whole family lit up with eager expectation.

“This is true for all of you!” Vicky said as she looked at each person in the room.

At that moment, the call to prayer began to echo through the window, marking the end of the day. Vicky paused for one last moment in this now very special visit, then headed out the door for home.

Your part in this story...

Crossworld worker Vicky asks you to pray for these requests.

  • Pray for lasting fruit to grow in Mateen’s heart.
  • Pray for Taara and the rest of the family to believe that Jesus is Lord and be saved.
The people in this story are real, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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