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Bad News Paves the Way for the Good News

by Crossworld
in Child-student ministry, Current events, Evangelism, Immigrant and Refugee Ministry, East Asia, Story
Chynna’s family had never heard Bible stories until the pandemic.

EAST ASIA — “Even though I don’t believe in God or religion, I can’t help but think all this has happened for a reason,” said Chynna.

Chynna was eating lunch with her new friend, Crossworld worker Phoebe, talking about the last eight months.

Everyone has a COVID-19 story, including Chynna and her family. They were visiting Phoebe’s country when the borders closed due to the pandemic. They were stranded. Lockdown happened quickly, and for months they had no way to get back to their home country. But they learned to get around, and by the time the lockdown ended, they decided they liked their new country and wanted to stay.

Chynna enrolled her daughter at the only international school that had a spot available — a school that happens to teach the Bible. That’s where Chynna met Phoebe. Their kids are in the same class, and they see each other often as they drop off and pick up their kids.

“My daughter has been telling me stories she’s learning in school,” Chynna told Phoebe at lunch. “We’ve never heard these stories before — like how God parted the sea for Moses and His people.”

“Are you interested in these stories?” Phoebe asked.

“Very much!” Chynna said. “I’ve been searching the internet to learn about the Bible and the history of the people in these stories. I have so many questions when I read on my own.”

Chynna’s eyes brightened with an idea.

“Would you read a children’s Bible with me? I think it will help me learn English, and you can answer my questions!”

Phoebe quickly agreed, then thought back to Chynna’s comment at the beginning of their conversation. Yes, perhaps God allowed Chynna’s family to be stranded in this city for a very good reason.

Here’s how you can pray for this ministry.

  • Chynna is now reading the Bible on her phone in her own language, with her daughter in the children’s Bible, and with Phoebe when they get together. After Chynna and her daughter read about Jesus’ death and resurrection, her daughter exclaimed multiple times throughout the day, “Jesus is alive!” It was the best news she’d ever heard. Pray God will draw their hearts to a personal relationship with Him. 

  • Pray for the teachers at the kids’ school as they share about Christ with unreached children like Chynna’s daughter who are hearing these stories for the first time.

  • Ask God to show Phoebe how to walk alongside Chynna as she seeks Him.

The people in this story are real, but some names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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