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Backseat Counselor

by Crossworld
in Cambodia, Disciple-making, Story
Anny turns her disability into disciple-ability.
CAMBODIA — “Where do you want to go?” asked the female driver as Anny’s mother lifted her into the car.
“To school,” Anny said.
“You’re disabled!” the driver gawked. “And you’re going to learn?”
Instead of being offended, Anny laughed. “How else will I get a job to help support myself?”
The Cambodian culture doesn’t hold much hope for someone like Anny (pictured above), but the kingdom of God does. And that’s what she’s been studying with her friend, Crossworld worker Jen.
Jen and Anny met shortly after Anny was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Anny became Jen’s language helper, and then, because Anny had recently trusted in Christ, they began to study the Bible together. In the year since, Jen has watched Anny grow in faith and in courage to share her faith with other people … like the taxi driver.
“I’m studying counseling,” Anny said to the woman. “It helps people open their heart to talk about their pain and begin healing.”
“This is a good job to have,” she replied.
Then the woman began to pour out her own story. She had been married with a child when her husband brought a second wife home. Her husband and his new wife told her she’s ugly and treated her badly. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she left. She is suffering from pain in her chest, but the doctors say she’s fine.
“Sometimes our emotional pain affects us in physical ways,” Anny said. Then she took time to encourage the woman before getting out of the taxi.
In the minds of Cambodian people, Anny is an unlikely person to influence anyone. But in Christ, she’s just the right person to point others to the hope she found in Him.

Your part in this story...

Crossworld worker Jen asks you to pray for these requests.

  • Pray for God to provide Anny with opportunities to study biblical counseling further. She wants to learn more, but she has completed all the training offered in her area.
  • Pray for God to lead Anny to people who need healing in Christ.
  • Pray that Anny will find a job in counseling to help her family financially.

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