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We are disciple-makers...

Biblically superior? The religious elite? That’s not us. We simply live and love like Jesus and help others to do the same. It could be over coffee or a friendly game of soccer. It could be while swinging hammers or discussing an invoice. Wherever our lives happen, we love people and share God’s transforming truth. What about you?

From all professions...

All professions. Making disciples.So you’re not a pastor or seminary graduate? Don’t count yourself out. The world needs pastors. But the world also needs you, accountant. And you, landscaper. It needs disciple-making dentists, musicians, engineers, nurses, managers, designers, farmers and every other profession.

Rather than “give it all up for Jesus” (leave your job and do ‘full-time ministry’), why not use it all up for Jesus — use your job as a bridge to make disciples cross-culturally? You serve Him best when you serve Him through the unique skills and passions He has given you.

Bringing God’s love to life…

Pour cement for a rain tank and introduce the Living Water. Treat an injured shoulder and convey Christ’s love to a heavy heart. Just like God imparted truth to shepherds in fields and fishermen in boats, go into their world and share the message of life in Christ.

In the world’s least-reached marketplaces.

The least-reached people used to be hidden in deep forests and jungles. So we went to the forests and jungles. Today, they’re hidden in the slums of the world’s greatest cities and in the high rises of affluent capitals. So whether you want to reach the ultra-rich, the blue-collar workers or the poor and oppressed, today you go to the cities. In the world’s least-reached marketplaces, great need — and great opportunity — awaits.
Our Message

Our Message

 It’s been called “paradigm-shifting” and a “mission classic.” Read the first chapter free!

Our President

Our President

Dale Losch is a compelling speaker on the topics of disciple-making and the Great Commission.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

You take doctrine seriously, and we do too.


Our History

Crossworld, originally Unevangelized Fields Mission (UFM), began in 1931 by sending its first missionaries to the Congo and Brazil.

When a chief witchdoctor named Elká in Brazil chose to follow Jesus in 1955, UFM workers watched God transform not just individual lives but entire villages in the name of Christ. 

In 1964, Simba rebels killed 19 UFM workers in Congo. Since then, some of the rebels and thousands others have believed the good news about Jesus, and relatives of the martyrs have gone back to serve in Congo, acting on the forgiveness they share in Christ. Watch the video.

UFM made national headlines on the cover of Time magazine in 1982 when thousands of Dani people burned their fetishes and turned to Christ in a miraculous movement of God in Papua, Indonesia. Read the story.

We changed our name to Crossworld in 2004, and today, we have nearly 350 international staff members around the globe. God has so orchestrated world events that we speak the language the whole world wants to speak, we hold the key to economic development that the whole world wants to have, and we have the technological means to connect with people like never before in history. These are the most exciting days of opportunity we — and the world — have ever seen. Will you make history with us?

What do we mean by “there’s a better way”?

For starters, Crossworld is not the better way, nor do we claim to have figured it all out. But considering the unprecedented changes in the world today, we believe there is a better way and we are committed to discovering it. Not better in relation to the past, but better in light of the future.

“There’s a better way” is a conviction that we must rediscover the explosive power of Jesus’ mandate: make disciples who make disciples. It’s also an appeal to unleash the potential of the whole body of Christ by engaging all professions. But it’s not just about a better way to do missions in a changing world. It’s also about a better way to do life in a dying world. The better way is life in Jesus, life to the full, life as it was meant to be.

Our Game-Changer

For most of the history of missions, we have sidelined 99% of believers from the Great Commission. We have said, “You can pray and you can give. But leave the full-time missionary task to religious professionals.”

Meanwhile, the world has changed. Most of the unreached live in countries where you can’t go as a mission worker.

What will it take to bring God’s love to life there?

You may not be a pastor or a Bible teacher. But don’t count yourself out of the Great Commission. God can use you in exciting ways among the least-reached.

And if you are a mission worker, we still need you! There are many places in the world where you are welcome. Your gifts and skills are a key part of making disciples cross-culturally. All professions includes you.

Off the page

A Better Way by Dale Losch“The dichotomous notion that religious work is ministry and secular work is not has been very harmful. It has for too long insulted the body of Christ and handicapped the advance of the gospel. It has communicated to the unbelieving world that faith in God has little to do with life.”

– Dale Losch, president of Crossworld and author of A Better Way