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Stop living on the sidelines.
Join the front lines of eternal impact.

Have you ever felt God leading you toward missions? In all the chaos and suffering of the world today, the least-reached need Jesus more than ever. 

You have a passion to make a difference, but maybe you don’t know how to get there or don’t want to go it alone. We help you overcome the obstacles between here and there so you can join a thriving community of disciple-makers on mission to the least-reached.

Are you called to missions?

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Chynna story photo

Chynna story text

COVID-19 has created unprecedented opportunity for the gospel all over the world. 

A worker in East Asia told this story about one such opportunity. 

“Even though I don’t believe in God or religion, I can’t help but think all this has happened for a reason,” Chynna said to her new friend, Crossworld worker Phoebe, over lunch. Chynna’s daughter had enrolled at the school where Phoebe’s kids attend after the coronavirus lockdown ended. 

“My daughter tells me stories she’s learning at school — like how God parted the sea for Moses and His people. We’ve never heard these stories before and I have so many questions!” Read more of Chynna’s story. 

You can make an impact among the least-reached.

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Disciple-maker on mission in Thailand

Eileen quote

If you feel called to missions, just go. When we start weighing pros and cons, it’s easy to let fears keep us from following God’s call. It’s worth the risk, and there’s nothing better than obedience to our Lord and being used by Him.”

— Eileen, a disciple-maker in Thailand