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Yes. Stay.

And if you think that’s only because we want you to “pay and pray” while leaving the real work of missions to religious professionals, think again. We want you to stay and do the same thing we’re doing: make disciples.

The 925 Window

Looking for the 10-40 window? Grab a globe. But the 925 window? Check your schedule.

The “9 to 5” window is your daily opportunity to make disciples, wherever life happens for you. Whether you’re selling stocks or stocking shelves, where you are now is your divinely appointed place to live and love like Jesus.

And that artificial line between “work” and “ministry”? Outta there.

Off the Page

A Better Way by Dale Losch“When we ask people to abandon their God-given skills and passions to become a full-time religious worker — or when we tell those people to keep doing what they’re doing here in North America and just send money — we are doing ourselves and the lost world a great disservice.”

– Dale Losch, president of Crossworld and author of A Better Way

Theology of Work

What’s your mindset on Monday mornings?

“God, I’m going to worship You and serve You and my neighbor by going to work. Show me how to work creatively, display You well, and make disciples where You have called me to work.”

For centuries, the Church has viewed pastoral and missionary work as being the most spiritual way of serving God and others, with “full-time ministry” being an elite category. But all God’s people are full-time disciples of Jesus, wherever they live and work.

But how do we do that? How do we live with a seamless connection between Sunday values and Monday jobs? Explore this theology of work as you bring the gospel into every aspect of your life.

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