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West Asia

Experience extremes — the shiniest cities and the rough-hewn life of desert villages; hostile climates and welcoming people; oppressive traditions and the transformative power of Jesus’ message.

Big Picture

Despite its reputation as formidable to outsiders, West Asia has become a surprising destination for large expat communities. Some of the fastest growing locations for international companies are found here.

These quickly developing economies are perfect for marketplace professionals who want to engage in company and community life. The areas with less economic growth provide room for entrepreneurs to transform communities by creating jobs and sharing the gospel.

Your profession. Your mission.

You’ll never want for variety.

Be a Christian professional and do your work as mission; as you build friendships, make disciples. Or, teach at an international school or university and use education as a foundation to share the love of Christ. You could even coach American football on the side as another way to build relationships.

In global cities like these, you’ll hardly be the only foreigner. Bring God’s love to life among immigrants and marginalized people by teaching English and vocational skills. Disciple those who trust in Jesus, and challenge them to live on mission too!

In case you’re still looking for options, how about going as a university student, supported by the cultural expertise that a mission organization can provide?

Your move.

Talk to us about how your profession can be your bridge to missions in West Asia.

Professions Needed in This Location

American Football Coach
American Football Coach
American Football Coach, Central Asia, East Asia, France, Germany, Ireland, Romania, West Asia
Feeling the tension between football and faith? You don’t have to choose, because the football field is now your mission field.
See this profession.
Apprenticeship, Balkans, Canada, Central Asia, East Asia, France, Italy, Senegal, Thailand, West Asia
Let those who have gone before teach you.
See this profession.
International Church Pastor
International Church Pastor
Central Asia, East Asia, West Asia, International Church Pastor
Expat believers living and working abroad may very well be the next catalyst for God’s work among the nations. But they need you to equip them.
See this profession.