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Mobilizing for a Movement: Marketplace and Mission Workers

by Mark Silvers
in Blog, Business as Mission, Mission work, Disciple-making, Mark Silvers
Crossworld's dream for all professions.

I have a collection of globes around my office that remind me every day of the 3.02 billion unreached people in the world. That number is so high I can’t fathom the individuals it represents. Even for those of us who want to change it, enormous barriers exist. Barriers like visa denials into the countries where unreached people live, lack of funding, and insufficient skills to be effective.

This situation presents a problem for the church. Jesus’ Great Commission demands that we do not put our heads in the sand and ignore the problem. We must acknowledge and address the barriers. Yet minute adjustments to our missions strategy likely won’t touch them. We need a monumental force with the strength of a hurricane.

A hurricane forms when warm water mixes with cold air, and their joint forces create a continual circular movement. The warmer the water and the colder the air, the stronger the hurricane and the stronger the impact — able to destroy any barrier in its path.

What are the two elements it will take to create the gale-force winds of a hurricane in the missions world?

  1. Mission workers | Disciple-making pastors, Bible teachers, and justice advocates who are committed to bringing God’s love to life among the unreached
  2. Marketplace workers | Disciple-making entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, and more who are committed to bringing God’s love to life among the unreached

In his book Underground Church, author Brian Sanders says, “No strategy will reach every kind of person, except a strategy that mobilizes every kind of person.”

For us to accept the status quo for sending only religious professionals is to stand in the way of what has the potential to be one of the greatest mission movements the world has ever seen.

As mission workers and marketplace workers join forces, they become like the warm water and cold air of a hurricane. The stronger they are in their roles, working out of their God-given strengths, the stronger their joint impact will be. Working together, they will create a movement capable of breaking through every barrier to bring the power of the gospel to unreached people.

We’re committed to sending both mission workers and marketplace workers — workers from all professions — to reach the unreached. We also know that we are not the ultimate power behind the movement. So we’re committed to fervent prayer — begging the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers and spread His glory over the earth.

Want to be part of the movement? Talk to us.

Mark Silvers, Crossworld Director of MobilizationMark Silvers served with Crossworld in the Philippines for 10 years and joined the home office staff as Director of Mobilization in 2009. Mark’s driving passion is the goal of reaching the 3.02 billion people in the world today with no access to the gospel.

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